Monday, March 21, 2016

Transforming Soil Bacteria

We have been attempting transformations of soil bacteria. This time there were some GFP positive cells visible under magnification in the soil slurry, which is encouraging, but here is what grew on the LB plates:

The plate is covered with kanamycin resistant colonies. On one edge are these brilliant red colonies and around some of their edges there appeared to be some fluorescence under the blue light. Interestingly, the plates give off a very strong, almost pleasant sweet aroma, much like a very ripe pineapple.
Can you guess the bacteria with the red pigment?

Looking closer, the fluorescence seems to be coming off of the bumpy opaque colonies around the red colonies. This looks similar to what we found before, which grew into a think fuzzy mat. Left is the green fluorescence of the right image.

Getting Creative in the Lab

We have been continuing work on our differential phagocytosis experiment. Here you can see we came up with a method to grow individual mixes of amoeba and bacteria on isolated plugs of agar. The hope is that we can have different mixes on each plug and simply "pop" out each time point and measure the change in cell proportions as we move through the experiment.